My VMCE v9 experience

As I am currently working on an Veeam implementation in a large Hyper-V environment, I decided to update my knowledge by following the Veeam Certified Engineer (VMCE) Certification v9 training (Link) and subsequently take the exam to become certified. I also hoped to especially learn more about Veeam on Hyper-V, because my experience with that is very little in comparison with Veeam on VMware.


This short article gives a short overview of my VMCE experience, some tips on great information to pass the exam and some ramblings about what I think could be improved.

Interview Series: Rutger Vossebeld

Meet our next participant in the Cloudfix Interview Series! Enjoy the read, feedback is always welcome!!


Full Name: Rutger Vossebeld
Company: Sioux-CCM
Twitter: @rutgervossebeld




Who is Rutger Vossebeld?

I have started my IT career in 1995 configuring and building Novell 2.x, 3.x and 4.x networks, for a company in Boxtel with customers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. After 2 years I decided to switch jobs and started at Sioux-CCM in Nuenen with a project to migrate the Novel 3.12 servers to a Windows NT4 environment.

Between 1997 and 2015 I have implemented several Microsoft server applications, VMware, Citrix, Juniper and Checkpoint solutions in our network infrastructure. In addition to server side applications I manage a PDM application Team center that maintains CAD data for the Siemens NX application which is used in at Sioux-CCM.

Can you tell us something about your employer/company?

CCM is a company founded in 1969 by Professor Alexandre Horowitz, and specialized in developing high tech mechatronic products and production systems for our customers. We are facilitated to complete an entire project, including design, realization and integration. This is done with about 100 employees in a village called Nuenen nearby Eindhoven.

CCM is since 2014 part of the Sioux Group.

Can you describe your IT infrastructure in short?

Interview Series: Mark Brookfield

Meet our next participant in the Cloudfix Interview Series! Enjoy the read, feedback is always welcome!!



Full Name: Mark Brookfield
Company: NIU
Certifications: VCAP5-DCA, VCAP5-DCD, VCP4/5/6-DCV, VCP5/6-DT(M), MCITP, MCTS, MCSE w/Security/Messsaging, CCNA, ITIL
Twitter: @virtualhobbit




Who is Mark Brookfield?

I’m an IT architect who’s been in IT for eighteen years. I’ve lived in the UK, the US, and currently I live in The Netherlands.

I don’t see what I do as “work” or “my job” – it’s something I do that people are kind enough to pay me for. I’m almost tempted to say I’d do my job for free, but I don’t want to give my boss any ideas…

Can you tell us something about your employer/company?

My current role is Technical Evangelist for NIU, a managed services provider in the UK. I report directly to the CTO and am tasked with finding new and innovative ways in which technology can make the business more successful. Fortunately, I’m not “hands-on” operational anymore, so I don’t break as much stuff 😉

NIU designs and builds solutions for a wide-range of clients, ranging from financial services to retail. We have approximately two hundred employees and our headquarters is in central London.


Can you describe your IT infrastructure in short?

ISESteroids: The missing link for ISE

Recently I was busy scripting a Exchange migration (yes, i also do Microsoft besides VMware) in Powershell (Automating Cross-Forest moves from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2013 and related tasks) for a customer of mine and got annoyed by the limited functionality Windows Powershell ISE (Integrated Scripting Environment) is providing us by default,. I decided to look for a decent and affordable editor for Powershell. That’s when I stumbled upon ISESteroids (


ISESteroids is a powershell module which adds all kind of handy functionality to the standard Windows Powershell ISE. Because I really liked it from the start I wanted to write a small blog article about it to share with you guys the 3 functionalities i like most and hope you find them just as useful as I do for writing Powershell scripts, functions and modules. For a total overview of the features of ISESteroids i’d like to point you to

VMworld 2015: Day 2 – General Session

After the nice PernixData party yesterday evening, I had an early morning start this morning to be on time for the general session @ VMworld EMEA this morning and tell you something about what new announcements VMware is bringing us. After switching from my  WiFi connection to my 3G connection I was ready to go. Kind of strange there is no WiFi coverage for us bloggers in the hall. Room for improvement for next year. This post is a short summary of the content of this session (far from complete, but hoping to give you a good impression of the contents of the general session).

Quick review: ControlUp

One of the advantages of being a member of the vExpert community is the access you get to licenses and subscriptions to a bunch of different software and services. One of the licenses on the list is from ControlUp.

ControlUp -Logo-01

As I recently ran into this product working on a project at a client of mine, I decided to give it a go and enter into the ControlUp Expert Program. CTO of ControlUp Yoni Avital was nice enough to schedule a GoToMeeting with me to give a me a general overview of the product. This blog item gives you a short overview of what ControlUp does and what’s planned for the next release of ControlUp.

vBeers Eindhoven – The “In Between VMworlds” Edition 2015


For our dutch IT/virtualisation-enthousiasts we would like to point out the vBeers which are coming up again soon in the southern part of our beautiful country (Eindhoven to be exact).

Location: Eetcafé d’n Hertog
Address: Stationsplein 16, – 5611 AB Eindhoven (across Eindhoven Station, city center exit)
Date: Friday, 11th of September 2015
Time: From 17:30 hours

As this is the “In Between VMworlds” edition it’s a good opportunity to catch up on the announcements of VMworld SF and to surmise what could be the announcements for VMworld EMEA.

I would like to point out again that this really isn’t only for us vExpert’s or highly certified VMware-nerds but for every person who even has the remoted interest in IT and virtualisation, enjoys talking with co-enthousiasts and ofcourse drinking beers and eating snacks.

For more information and registering please visit: 

Thanks again to Marek, one of our dutch co-bloggers  for (co)-organizing this event again.

We enjoy these vBeers a lot and also will try to be there  and engage with our readership. Hope to meet you there!

Interview Series: Patrick Paijmans

Our first participant in a, hopefully, large number of engineers keen to share theirs on our Lead Engineer Interview Series! Enjoy the read, feedback is always welcome!!


Full Name: Patrick Paijmans
Company: Gemeente Asten / Gemeente Someren
Certifications: MCSA 2008 / MCSE 2003 / VCP5 / VCP4
Twitter: @PJPaijmans




Who is Patrick Paijmans?

Ravello Systems – Smart Labs

After reading about the cloud platform from Ravello Systems on twitter and was triggered by their announcement of Inception (beta), as I really like the movie with the same title. I decided to give it a go for myself and write a small blog article about it.

About Ravello Systems

Ravello Systems is best at explaining who they are and what they do:

Ravello was founded in early 2011 with the sole purpose of changing the way companies, large and small consume the public cloud. Ravello is brought to you by the team that introduced the KVM hypervisor (now the standard virtualization technology in Linux). We have deep expertise in virtualization, cloud, networking and storage technologies.

Ravello’s Smart Labs have self-contained capsules to run your VMware/KVM development, test, training and demo environments in the cloud without migration. Smart Labs on AWS or Google powered by nested virtualization